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Cooking Demonstrations

Elisa cutting apples
Hands on cooking demo!

It is always good to add more culinary strings to your bow and develop your skills in the kitchen. One way of doing this is to take part in our very popular cooking demonstrations.
It is a superb hands-on experience in an informal and happy atmosphere.

A visit of culinary interest or an informal cooking demonstration is held in a member’s home with the voluntary participation of guests, followed by lunch. Recipes are provided and costs shared.

The first 10 to 12 members to telephone will participate in the demonstration.

Valbonne Area

Contact Danielle

Cooking Event not to Be Missed

Wednesday 28 March

The restaurant of the Lycée Francis de Croisset in Grasse has been improved and instead of a cooking demo, we will have a three course lunch for €€16. Please book early as places are limited and we have to make a firm booking several days in advance.

Send your booking by 20 March.

For April demonstration telephone Danielle.

Cooking in Monaco

at 10.30

Contact Lesley

Friday 23 March
hosted by Rossy in Menton. Demonstration by Hatsue
Friday 13 April
Venue to be arranged. Demonstration by Lodi

Registration starts on the 1st of the month

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