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Performing Arts


Choose your group and venue according to where you live:

Jan (last minute 00-44 774 88 88 246) organises visits to the International School in Sophia-Antipolis to see transmissions from the Royal Opera House, London, and sometimes other European Opera houses. €€12 for non-members, paid at the door; €€8 if you buy a season card for €€15, valid also in the cinema in Valbonne.

Sadly, the Grasse theatre is closed this season due to extensive building work, so operas from New York will be found in Cannes at the Olympia instead. Jan will organise car sharing from Valbonne or Mouans-Sartoux and the ticket price is only €€20, thanks to Deidra’s astute dealings with the management!

If you are interested in joining this group and would like further information, please send Jan your email with home and mobile phone and your area for car sharing.

Deidra deeincannes@gmail.com organises visits to the Cinéma Olympia for live transmissions of the New York Met Opera on Saturday evenings, the Bolshoi Ballet on Sunday evenings, and La Comédie-Française.

Season 2017-2018 discounted ticket prices for IWCR members (with cards) have been arranged at the Cinéma Olympia box office: The Met Opera single ticket is €€20, a season ticket for 10 shows costs €€180 (save €€20). Ballet tickets cost €€16 each.

Liliane books seats at the cinema in Beaulieu and arranges carpooling there.
Reduced price for IWCR members: €€17

Grasse to Sophia area

Wednesday 20 September
ROH The Magic Flute, Mozart, CIV Sophia
Tuesday 3 October
ROH La Bohème, Puccini, CIV Sophia
Saturday 7 October
MET Norma, Bellini, Cannes, Olympia
Saturday 14 October
MET The Magic Flute, Mozart, Cannes, Olympia

Monaco area

Wednesday 20 September
The Magic Flute, the famous opera by Mozart, live from the ROH at 20.15
Tuesday 3 October
La Bohème, the famous opera by Puccini, live from the ROH at 20.15
Thursday 19 October
Don Carlos, opera by Verdi, live from the Paris Opera House at 18.00


Cinéma Olympia, 5 rue d’Antibes


Saturday 7 October
Norma– a new production, at 18.30


Sunday 22 October
The Corsair (based on the poem by Lord Byron)

La Comédie-Française

Thursday 26 October
Les Fourberies de Scapin (Scapin the Schemer), by Molière at 20.30

Plays from the National Theatre, London

Contact Jan

Jan distributes information about the cinema relays of English speaking plays from the National Theatre in London, organised by the English teachers at the International School in Sophia-Antipolis.

Next season’s choice of plays from the National Theatre has not yet been published by the CIV; it will include Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in March, as well as two interesting new plays Yerma (much praised performance by Billie Piper) and Young Marx with Rory Kinnear, a comedy about Marx’s stay in London in the 1850s, also other excellent productions.

Send an email to Jan if you want to receive this information – and updates on VO films in the local area and indicate if you would like to carpool. A season membership costs €€15 and each performance—€€8 thereafter. Non-members €€12 per session.

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